Exit 126 Interchange and Southpoint Parkway Widening

Project Map

Exit 126 Interchange and Southpoint Parkway Widening

This project will provide right turn lanes on the Exit 126 off-ramp from Interstate 95 southbound to Route 1 southbound, and two right turn lanes will be available for traffic on Route 1 southbound to turn onto Southpoint Parkway. Southpoint Parkway will also be widened to the existing turn lane at the Longhorn Steakhouse. This will reduce the stacking of exiting traffic that backs up onto I-95 and existing congestion along the Route 1 corridor.

The Southpoint Parkway (Route 711) safety improvements will add traffic islands along Route 711 to allow left-turns into driveways and restrict through and left-turning traffic from the side street movements. New pavement markings and signage will also be required at these locations. An additional right-turn lane will be added to the eastbound Route 711 approach to the intersection at Route 1.

Pedestrian accommodations will also be included with these projects.


  • Est. construction start date: Early 2022
  • Estimated completion date: May 2024

Exit 126/Southpoint Parkway - View 2 (Fredericksburg, VA)

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The Virginia Department of Transportation has several projects underway designed to unlock gridlock on Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg.

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