I-95 Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing


This project will double I-95 southbound capacity from three lanes to six lanes between Route 17 and Route 3. It will provide local traffic with an additional route to travel without merging into I-95’s general purpose lanes.

Project Map


  • The three existing I-95 southbound lanes between these interchanges will be converted to three southbound lanes for local traffic serving the Route 17 and Route 3 interchanges and the Safety Rest Area and Welcome Center.
  • Three new I-95 southbound lanes will be built in the current I-95 median to carry through traffic. Southbound traffic can enter these lanes before the Route 17 interchange. The median lanes will merge together with the local traffic lanes south of the Route 3 interchange.
  • The project will build an additional bridge over the Rappahannock River to carry the new lanes in the median. The northbound and southbound overpasses over Route 17 are being replaced to raise their vertical height and install improved structures.
  • All lanes of I-95 built through the I-95 Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing project will be untolled and open to all traffic.


  • Total estimated cost: $132 million
  • Est. construction start date: August 2018
  • Design-build contract value: $101.6 million
  • Estimated completion date: May 2022


Important Message to Boaters: Rappahannock River Access

Rappahannock River users are advised that the river channel is closed for recreational traffic, and use of a portage is required.

The portage was installed to accommodate bridge construction underway for the I-95 Northbound and Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing projects.

New I95 Northbound Overpass
New I95 Northbound Overpass
New I95 Northbound Overpass
New I95 Northbound Overpass
Tree Clearing
New I95 Northbound Overpass

The Virginia Department of Transportation has several projects underway designed to unlock gridlock on Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg.

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