I-95 Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing

Construction began on the I-95 Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing in August 2018 and is estimated to be completed in May 2022.

Project Milestones

  • Winter 2019: Construction begins on I-95 bridge over the Rappahannock River
  • Spring 2019: Construction begins on Route 17
  • Fall 2020: Two I-95 ramps at Exit 133 will be temporarily closed during construction to provide space to build the new I-95 overpasses over Route 17, and to avoid merging and weaving near the construction work zone. Traffic will be diverted and still be able to enter or exit the interstate at the interchange
  • May 2022: Construction complete

Rappahannock River users are advised that the river channel is now open for recreational traffic, and use of a portage put into place in December 2019 is no longer required. The portage was installed to accommodate bridge construction underway for the I-95 Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing project. The river channel is anticipated to remain open to recreational traffic until fall 2020, when portage use will be required again on a temporary basis.

Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 101595/110595/112046

State ID: 0095-111-259, P101, R201, C501; 0095-089-741; 0095-0089-751

Federal ID: IM-5111(235)

Lat/Long: 38.326644,-77.501531

Locality: Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford

Project Timeline

The Virginia Department of Transportation has several projects underway designed to unlock gridlock on Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg.

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