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95 Express Lanes Fredericksburg Extension

The Express Lanes extension is a design-build project with a total estimated cost of $565 million. Construction started in spring 2019 and is estimated to open to traffic in late 2022. All construction will be complete in 2023. Transurban is funding this project and is managing construction, and the project contractor is Branch Civil-Flatiron. For more information, please visit the Fredericksburg Extension project page on the Express Lanes website. Read a brochure about how the Fredericksburg Extension Express Lanes will operate.

Previous Milestones

Truslow Road detour began for overpass reconstruction: January 2020 Construction began: July 2019
Design-Build contract award: Fall 2018
Issue Request for Proposals (RFP): Spring 2018
Final NEPA decision: January 2018
Public hearings: September 2017
Public information meetings: March 2017
Road Work Ahead Sign
Project Timeline

The Virginia Department of Transportation has several projects underway designed to unlock gridlock on Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg.