Improve 95 in Fredericksburg

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Improving Gridlock

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is building a better ride for travelers on Interstate 95 in the Fredericksburg area. 

More than $1 billion in state, federal and private investment will be spent on I-95 improvements in the Fredericksburg region through 2023 to break up gridlock and keep traffic flowing. 

Seven I-95 projects are expected to open to traffic in the Fredericksburg area by the end of 2023 to deliver congestion relief and improved driving conditions.

Visit About the Project to learn more about each I-95 improvement project, the schedule and how it will benefit drivers.

What Travelers Need to Know

Drivers on I-95 in the Fredericksburg area can expect travel lanes to remain open during peak morning and afternoon travel times.

In nearly all cases, work requiring lane closures will be performed during off-peak travel times overnight or during midday hours. 

From now through 2023, many sections of I-95 in Stafford and Spotsylvania counties and Fredericksburg (mile marker 148 to mile marker 116) will have a work zone present. 

Travelers can expect to see work zone signs, slow-moving construction equipment and temporary concrete barriers along the interstate shoulders.

Tree clearing and grading will be underway in the I-95 median.

Bridges will be under construction at the Rappahanock River. Travel lanes may be shifted to accommodate construction of new bridges and travel lanes.